CompuTrainer. Park City 35k TT.

26.9 miles, 1:36 elapsed time, 783kJ work.

I rode CompuTrainer with Ben, Luis, and Jorge. We had a long warm up due some hardware glitches. The course was rollers and long, 21.75 miles. Ben took off, while me and Luis worked together. Luis and I tied: 1:02:55.8 exactly the same time! It was a beautiful sunny SoCal late afternoon in Eagle Rock overlooking Occidental College. Luis showed my his transition seat post that moves from road to tri positions.


193W average, 564W max, 20.8 mph average, 35.2 mph max


IMG_2180 IMG_2181 07072015. Computrainer. Park City 35k TT. With long warmup.  Ride  Strava - Google Chrome 782015 94225 AM

Redshift Seat post. In Road Position.


Flipped forward to Tri Position.


Clip on mounts for tri bars.


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