Week 1

Training this week was pretty good. 

Accomplishments: 1. I completed all the bike and swim workouts per the plan. 

Misses: 1. Missed one run and turned one run into a squat fest. 2. I started dealing with plantar fasciitis. 

Coaching is going well. Communication wise is working. Coach is able to post workouts for me and comment on them and ask me questions. How’s it going? How is the foot. He took me off running for 2 weeks to resolve the Plantar Fasciitis. Whew. I’m relieved I don’t have to push through it. 

I got my email verified on Trainingpeaks. Now I get emails for the next day’s workouts. I should get coach’s comments on TP workouts. In an auto email too. 

Questions: 1. What’s a better way to have swim workout instructions by the pool without re-writing on a 3×5 card. I tried taking a screen shot on iPhone then making it my wallpaper then I just hit the power button to peek at it. I find it hard to remember the 10x 50, 10x 100 on the 1:15 type stuff let alone which interval I’m on. It worked okay but I’m afraid of someone walking away with iPhone while I’m doing 800. Coach says not to worry about hitting the button and getting it right. Just start and stop. Friends typically re-write workout on card and then put it in a plastic baggy with a coin so it doesn’t fly away. 

Q2. Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis. Lots of friends have chimed in on their own experience and remedies. I have noticed massaging arch and calf helps. Stretches and calf raises help. I ordered a night splint. I have a follow up Chiro appointment today. 

Next: I made an appointment with Jim Manton for a bike fit. I plan on getting fit on My road bike (Cannondale Supersix), with Redshift aero bars and seat post, and also fit on my TT bike (Cervelo). I don’t love my Cervelo, but it’s okay. On the fence on it. 






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