Wet Brick = Swim + run

Since my foot has healed from plantar fasciitis, I’m starting to add bricks into my workout schedule.

Brick = two workouts added on top of each other, in quick succession.

Typical brick is a bike + run.

Wet brick is a Swim + run.

Coach’s plan was Swim 1:00 (3000 yds) + Run 45min. I didn’t get out the door early enough to do all that before work. So, when I got to the pool I swam a little harder to finish a little sooner. Then, I kept my transition time to a minimum, by leaving my swim briefs on and pulling on shorts and t-shirt. Note to self: shorts with built-in compression shorts and tech tee’s do not slide over wet bodies quickly. I ran south along the Arroyo. It was short but beautiful.

Wet Brick. 3000 yd Swim.  Swim  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 9162015 44823 PM

Brick Run. Foot feeling better.  Run  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 9162015 44805 PM

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