I’m in with Golden Road. #101.

I joined the Swim Club at Golden Road Aquatics (GRA), which means I also signed up with US Master’s Swim. I’m #101 at GRA. The Pros and Cons from earlier last week were tipped in favor of GRA by my friends nudging toward GRA. I’m looking forward to swimming 6am M,W,F with the GRA crew. I will likely head back to Coach Barry’s individualized swim plan as the IMMT draws closer in 2016. But, for now, I’m jazzed to swim with my PTC friends and new GRA friends.

Today, I was in the medium speed lane with Tate, John, Katie, Charles. I was just the right speed with Tate and Katie. John and Charles led the lane. I also saw Jerrod and Heather. Charles calls everyone by a “fish” name. I haven’t been given my fish name yet. You know how you don’t get to pick your own nickname.

Today’s take home lessons:

1. Right arm is crossing over the mid line. Reach out, straight ahead, shoulder width apart. Catch, with bent elbow and pull down and not in.

2. Keep head up more. Too far down. Keep the water line at the forehead. Look where you’re going. Look at where right hand is landing.

3. Need to find my fins. I borrow GRA’s but I should bring my own. Better fit.

Here’s their Coaches. GRA is sponsored by Golden Road Brewery, at which the Club members get 20% off! GRA About. GRA meets at Burbank Verdugo Recreation Center. The locker room is clean enough. The showers are LOW flow. There’s only one shower that is really good. The guys are cools. I’m glad I’m there.

IMG_7136 IMG_7135 IMG_7134 IMG_7132

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