Swim Lessons – Stroke

Golden Road Aquatics. I got some personalized stroke instructions today with Charles. Main Tips: Don’t cross over on right arm. Extend straight out and to the side and grab and pull straight back. Reduce the arm wiggle and pollywog motions.

I brought my GoPro. Here’s the BEFORE:

And the AFTER:

Root cause for the cross over problem. These are my guesses at the problem and my actions to correct them.

  1. Shoulder muscles. I have tenderness in the right shoulder. Sometimes, I hear it clicking when I’m extending and placing it out there. My shoulder muscles are weak in the specific muscle group that control the correct placement. Response would be to strengthen those muscle groups. I have an appointment with my chiropractor later today. I’ll ask him to check out my range of motion and shoulder muscle situation. There may be more to the story on why my right arm doesn’t go where I think I’m putting it.
  2. Body rotation. During body rotation, my arm is extending and missing the correct placement. The body rotation timing is distorting the final arm placement. One drill was to look up at my hands and watch where my hands land. During body rotation, the hands were landing all over the place. The wiggle of my arm is adjusting to get out to the side, after the initial landing. Maybe I will rotate my body less and get better arm placement.
  3. Breathing. Charles suggested to use a snorkel so that my breathing and rotation don’t throw off the arm extension and hand pull. Heather had a snorkel today during the stroke work. I’ll go get a snorkel so that when I’m working on my stroke, my breathing doesn’t throw it completely off.


Me, Charles, Peter.

Peter has Ironman Arizona in two weeks! His focus is (1) legs together (2) point toes.

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