Thanksgiving and Dinner

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, a wonderful reminder of all things good in your life. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Oh, and there was an dinner tonight.


This is an obvious but true one. I’ve never been in better shape than this year. Rarely sick. Minor injuries. Feeling great. Happy.


I’m so glad my dad pulled through his procedure this year and that he’s feeling better than before. I’m glad he’s in rehab and enjoys being more active. We lost an aunt this year. That was tough on my dad and his sister.

I’m thankful for my wife and kids. Amazing love and support. I never take it for granted. My kids are playful and insightful. They see things through slightly more sophisticated eyes. They get more of the ‘why’ things are what they are. I’m hitting that age and sensibility where I am playful with them and it thoroughly embarrasses them. “Oh, daddy. [face palm]”. I get that often now.

Work – Life Balance

Steady job with very regular hours. No overtime, ever. That’s one of my primary motivators for Ironman next year. A great commute and off by 5pm everyday. I can plan plenty of workouts morning, some lunchtimes, and one evening. I’m home for dinner and homework time. And, I can make all of B’s soccer games.


I’m thankful to have friends that inspire me to do more than I ever thought possible. They challenge to go WAY beyond my comfort zone. They inspire me by their own acts of crazy. There’s a phrase that says you are like your 5 closest friends, so choose wisely. I love my friends. I recall not too long ago, I was quite lonely and wishing for friends to hang out with. Now, I haven’t got enough time to hang out with all me new friends.

Thanksgiving Dinner

My dad opened with a scripture reading and an annual Prayer for the Family. My family came over for pot-luck dinner. We cooked a rib roast. Ron made a wonderful turkey. The kids played board games and video games. My dad game the grand-kids old time metal slinkys. We had a lot of desserts. Rebecca’s Ron joined us, along with UCLA friend.

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