Christmas Sunday

We had a great time at church on Christmas Sunday, at Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock, CA.

The Christmas music was wonderful. Below the message is a video of the A Capella Quartet. Amazing. The closing music set was candle lit. The starting candle is symbolic of Jesus’ light. We spread the light from person to person until the whole room is lit. Wonderful.

The Message. Tom Hughes
The way Jesus was born. A lot of waiting. Tom’s Strengths Finders – Activator. Really bad at waiting. Timex Study says that people wait 13 secs, before honking at green light. 26 secs for shushing talkers in theater. 13 min to wait for a table at restaurant.
When you wait on God it might be long but it won’t be forever.
Promises from God. (In January, new series on 6 promises from God.) Born of a virgin. Born in Bethlehem. From tribe of Judah. Line of King David. Flee to Egypt. God made a promise and he kept his promises. 400 yr of silence from God before Jesus was born. Are you waiting on the Lord? God doesn’t forget his promises. You’re not forgotten.
Just because you are waiting does not mean God’s not working.
Just the time in just the right way. When Jesus comes a second time, he comes in power to make things right, not as a baby.
No matter what you are going through, he knows what it’s like.
Trouble in Middle East. Slaughter of innocents. Refugees flee country. Entered into our pain. Real relationship with the vulnerable side. Possible of pain, sorrow, rejection. Only Christianity has a God with scars. Jesus took in flesh so he could be your compassion. Betrayed. Broken. Promise for the future.
No matter what you’ve done, God loves you.
Jesus. God saves. Popular Jewish name. Save them from their pain. Instead the angel says that God will save them from their sins (not just pain).


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