Swim gear. Goggles. Fins. Paddles. Suit.

My swim gear order dropped from swimoutlet.com.

New goggles, new fins, new paddles, and new swim briefs. Wahoo.

The new goggles are crystal clear. And boy, it’s like wearing new glasses. In the early morning, zero-dark-thirty, my old tinted goggles were too dark that I couldn’t read my Garmin 920XT watch for splits and distance. For races, I’ll definitely be wearing tinted goggles, but for early morning dark swims, it’s great to have crystal clear goggles.

Fins. Zoomers. My old fins were just old, probably 8 or 9 years old. I would get blister/cut from them on the top of my right foot. Pain in the butt. New ones fit snugger (more snug?). Anyway, they fit better and don’t leave a scar.

Paddles. I got new design by Finis. All the cool kids at GRA have these paddles. What’s great is that there’s no stretchy straps to come undone or loosen. It’s a clever minimalist design. Your thumb fits through the hole and the rest is just natural pulling.

Suit. Well, an online swim order isn’t complete without getting a new. No picture, cuz that’s just pure vanity.

My breathing is still struggling from allergies. The name of the game now is breathe control. Keeping it under control to prevent a coughing fit (which if spun out of control leads to gagging.). Sipping water throughout the workout, keeps the mucous from building up too much in the back of the throat.


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