Ride Report – Cloud Burst Summit

66.3 miles, 5:38 moving time, 7,533 ft elevation, 37 trophies.

Great day for a climb. The Club met at La Canada by Sport Chalet. Great turn out. The route was up and down. You could flip it at any time and come back down.

The weather was cool but nice. The first re-group was at mile 9 at Clear Creek. I saw roadkill Snake #1. The second re-group was at mile 15 Red Box. Some folks flipped there. Some guys went to Mt Wilson.

The next big leg was mile 27 to Newcombs Ranch. Biker Bar and grill. We stopped for a drink. Dino, Peter, Bryan had a full breakfast (and a long wait).

The last leg was to mile 33 at Cloud Burst Summit. There was a bit of snow on the north facing sides. Whew. Long climb.

The first descent was chilly. But it warmed up a lot as we got back into town. Roadkill snake #2 on the return near Redbox. Almost home, I got smacked by a bee at mile 63, going about 33 mph. Ouch!

Amy, Sue, Ben, Mike, Kirk, Bryan, Dino, GT, Bob, Luis, Phillip, Steve, Fason, Bill, Henry, Tiffany, Jonathan, Fang, Lynda, and Joe. Peter was fixing a mechanical.


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