Garmin FR735XT

Garmin released a new Multi-sport GPS Heart Rate gizmo, the FR735XT. Tech blogger and triathlete DC Rainmaker has posted his first take on the new device. His reviews kill me (in a good way). I’m very happy with FR920XT right now. But, the HR monitor on the wrist is awesome and tempting. We all knew it would happen eventually and I’m glad it’s here. The midnight blue / frost blue is lame. And I don’t buy anything black, because I can’t find it in my car’s black interior. I also love the Strava integration. That’s really fun. Besides, if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t really happen.

Update 6/10/16, DC Rainmaker released a Full In-depth review of the FR735xt. here. I love his OREO cookie comparison. Same diameter and thickness!

Overall, I’m sitting this one out for now. But, I do like to keep my wishlist fresh and informed. With limited resources and a very full wishlist, there’s other stuff ahead of a new triathlon watch.


DC says,

Over the course of the cold winter, the Garmin FR235 optical HR sensor-enabled running watch hooked up with the elder Garmin FR920XT triathlon watch and made a baby. They named that baby the FR735XT.  And that’s basically the gist of it.

But fear not – there’s actually a number of new and interesting tidbits if you peel back the FR735XT onion a bit more.  For example, it now calculates your Strava Suffer score, and even supports structured swim workouts.  Not to mention that optical HR sensor and features like Varia Vision support. So it seems like this baby got smarter than both parents.

– Adds in Varia Vision support (first Garmin wearable to support the heads-up display)
– Adds in Shimano Di2 electronic gear shifting
– Adds in support for structured swimming workouts (via Garmin Connect)
– Adds in Lactate Threshold metrics while running (on Fenix3, but not FR920XT)
– Adds in FTP determination while cycling (on Edge series, but not FR920XT)
– Adds ‘Intensity Minutes’ metrics (seen on other Garmin activity trackers)
– Adds Strava Suffer Score (new on FR735XT)
– Adds phone-based audio prompts (introduced on FR230/235/630)
– Adds stress score (introduced on FR630, now on Fenix3, but not FR920XT)
– FR735XT has a 14hr GPS battery life, less than that of FR920XT/Fenix3
– Lacks a barometric altimeter that’s on FR920XT & Fenix3
– Lacks a quick release kit like the FR920XT and the Fenix3 (non-HR)

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