PTC MAN Day 2. Open Water Swim and Run. Long Beach 

Swim 1.1 mile, 39:10 moving time

Run: 10.0 miles, 1:54 moving time

Day 2 of PTC MAN started at Belmont Shores in Long Beach. We swam 1.1 mile in the protected water. We swam out 500 yds and back, and repeat. The water was cool, but not freezing. A bunch of the folks were sporting new ROKA wetsuits. I was sporting my holy (and not in the spiritual sense) old Freak of Nature. Note to Self: Time has come to get a hole-free wetsuit. I might get some Sim II shorts while I’m shopping. Anyway, on the first lap, my sighting was poor and my line swere curvy (and not in a good way). Second lap, my breathing calmed down and I was swimming better, breathing on both sides and keeping a better line. There are buoys to follow and sandy beach to walk on, if you have any trouble in the water. It’s a very beginner friendly triathlete spot. The water was low visibility. I was swimming next to Rob and if I veered away from him by about 5 feet, then he disappeared into the deep. Ben has a great video clip below you can see the water visibility.

We rinsed and changed clothes. And set off for a nice flat run along the beach. There was high clouds which kept the temperature nice for the run. The run path led to the shoreline village and the lighthouse, which was the turnaround point. I was running a constant but slow pace, fortunately, Bob kept me company on the run. The run ended back at the swim area. I rinsed and changed clothes again. A bunch of us went for brunch. Slow but the coconut cream slab pie was very good.

IMG_6444 IMG_6442 IMG_6441 IMG_6438

IMG_4651 IMG_6450 IMG_6449

IMG_4657 IMG_4655 IMG_4654

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