Wet Brick: Open Water w/ROKA Wetsuit + run

Swim: 2000 yds, open water, 38:17 moving time.

Run: 6.0 miles, 1:04 time.

I swam with my friend Zack at Long Beach Belmont Shores. This is a protected open water swim, with buoys and other good sighting points. My daughter tagged along and brought a couple friends to hang out, while we swam and ran.

Goal 1: Wetsuit. This is my first time in the open water with my new wetsuit ROKA Maverick. I was thrilled to give it a go today. It fit well and floats like a charm. Getting it on is always a challenge. You always feel self conscious and fat no matter what the reality is. I like the circle dots on the knees and elbows. They really help identify how much you have keep pulling. On the Maverick, the arms are considerably soft and thinner materials. Once I was in the water, I loved the floating. Velcro. I needed to make sure all the rough side of the velcro is completely covered, else I can feel it rubbing on my neck during full extension. During long reach positions, I stretch out long and I can feel water entering at the neck. Not sure if that’s good or bad; it just is. We swam 1/4 mile down and back, twice. The first lap down, I focused on my body with the water and feeling the suit. Visibility was low in the murky water. My sighting was not great, but not horrible. On the return trip, I collided with another swimmer head on. I think the lady saw me coming, and slapped me on the head. Of course I was apologetic, I’m sure I was all over the place. She smiled and swam on. This too was a learning moment. I coughed and gagged a bit. I focused on collecting myself and steadying my breathing and carrying on. On the second lap, I focused on relaxing and breathing on both sides. I had some trouble on rotating my head to my left. I ended up just breathing on my right. I felt good on the second lap. Sighting was meh, and I didn’t go really straight. When I’m breathing on both sides, my head and body position are better and my pulling is more even, which resulting in a straighter path.

Goal 2: Run. I got out of the swim and geared up to run. I had to decide how far to run. In the morning, I felt very sluggish from the 100 mile ride yesterday. I had my doubts about the run in general. After the swim, the adrenaline and warming up of the swim helped a lot. I think the compression of the wetsuit on my legs and the overall circulation really made my legs and whole body feel better. I decided to go for 6 miles, along the shoreline. It was high cloudy and a little mist. Perfect running weather. I settled into a 10-11 min/mile pace and felt okay. On the return trip, I followed another runner lady at a nice 10:30 min/mile pace. I have mental trouble pacing myself when I’m out running alone. I relaxed my breathing and listened to my body trot along.

Goal 3: Filming. Zack filmed some ‘hero’ shots of me in my wetsuit. I felt silly staring in the distance contemplating my future. He also filmed some swim segments, and run segments. After the run, we sat down for a interview. This is 10 weeks before my IMMT. So, I have some mid-training thoughts.

Goal 4: Family and Eating. My daughter had fun chilling with her girlfriends on the sand. The sun almost came out, so their beach day wasn’t a total washout. We went to Lemonade in Pasadena for a yummy lunch. Miso Braised Short Rib. Israeli Couscous with mushroom. Guava Limeade. At home, we’re in full prep mode for new floors arriving on Monday. I’m generally hungry all the time now. Packing up the whole downstairs. Thanks to Lawrence for helping us move the dining room table (whoof, that’s heavy!). We also painted the baseboards before they’re installed. Easily and less dripping on new floors.

And for good measure…

Goal 5: Sleep and health. I’m focusing on sleeping more and staying healthy. Other friends are getting sniffles and stuff. Every night, I start winding down and prepping for the next day around 9pm and try to lay in bed by 10pm. I feel so much better when I’m fully rested. I pack my gym bag and prep my nutrition for the next workout. I don’t share any food or eat at questionable spots for lunch.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 2.21.46 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-12 at 2.22.31 PM



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