Ride Report – 100 mile

100 miles, 5:52 moving time, 2,635 ft elevation gain, 20 Strava trophies.

Ironman training is in full swing! The group headed to IMMT called together a 100 mile training ride. Weather was iffy again, odd for sunny SoCal to be cloudy and cold in June. I was glad I wore my vest.

We started at Encanto Park and took the San Gabriel River Trail south. For a training ride, I wore my tri shorts to see how 100 miles felt in the thinner pad. Also, there was no drafting in order to get the full feel of 100 miles for yourself. Although I think some folks were awfully close to drafting. I was feeling pretty good at the start and took off to chase or at least follow Dr. Mike Webb. In Whittier, we transitioned over to the Lower Rio Hondo River Trail. The cloudy weather turned to drizzle. My front facing sides were wet and we were riding into a headwind. At mile 20, we flipped it and headed back north. The wind to our backs and the pace was decent on the way back. We got to the bridge at Encanto at mile 40 and kept going north on the bike trail and up Azusa Canyon for 5 more miles. We flipped it and headed back to Encanto, where I took a potty stop and refueled at my car. When I was ready to go, Lynda pulled in and we took off together for the second lap. By the time we were back in Whittier at the Lower Rio Hondo Trail, the drizzle was a light shower. The trail was fully soaked and kicking up spray. At the turn around, I was soaked from head to toe, just dripping. Allison and Amy rode by me and Lynda. We rode with them for a bit and Amy got a flat. I wasn’t much help with the deep dish and long stem tubes. Lynda saved the day with a tighter grip on the extender and fully loaded cartridge (and an 80mm stem just in case). The last 15 up and 5 back were a bit wearing, but the drizzle fizzled out and I dried off by the end. Whew! Big Day and felt great.

Tyler, Deana, Joe, Lynda, Amy, Mandy (Photographer Craig), GT, Lura, Luis, Bryan, Trevor, Peter, Ben, Mike, Allison

IMG_6812 IMG_6819 Edit Edit  Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 3.48.55 PM

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