La Tuna Canyon – Ride Report

39.1 miles, 2:40 moving time, 2,904 ft elevation

On a brisk winter’s morning, we met at Jones Coffee and rode all together west through Eagle Rock, Glendale, Burbank. As the route swung north up to La Tuna Canyon, the group spread out because some red lights and varying climbing paces. I had a great time chatting with new members Robbie and Bjoern, and recovered members, MikeO with the triplets. Nice ride through the Pasadena hills. I saw some deer going up Linda Vista on the Glendale side. Then, I got a flat on the last leg by the Rose Bowl. And, finished up with Arbor.

Paul, Bjoern, Robbie, Lynda, PeterD, Ryan, MikeO, Luis, Kirk, Gio, Steve, MikeW, Tiffany, Jonathan, PeterC, Bill, Joe.

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