Hot Yoga Pasadena

Hot Yoga Pasadena. I got up early and went to the 6:30am class. It felt great.

They have a nice heated room, changing room with showers and lockers. And it doesn’t smell too bad. The instructor was great too. It’s like a sauna, but not boring. I really enjoy stretching and working on my balance. The Bikram places are fairly regimented in the sequence of poses, which is good and bad. Everyone knows exactly what coming up next. Less variety, but hot yoga is variety unto itself. The facilities are very clean and nice. Overall, a great experience. I’m sure I’ll go back.

I have been to┬áthe hot Bikram yoga in SoPas. It’s good too. Nice instructors. Change rooms, but no showers, so I have to run home and clean up. Close to home, so not that big of a deal.

There’s a third hot yoga place in Arcadia Santa Anita Hot Yoga, I haven’t tried it out yet. Both Pasadena and Arcadia are on the way to work, sort of. If they have a shower, I can clean up before heading into the office. Otherwise, hot yoga is a complete mess. I am a big sweater anyway, so this comes naturally.

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