Pizza Brick – Allen’s Loop

22.1 miles, 1:11 moving time, 928 ft elevation

On a pleasant warm spring afternoon, the Club met at the Rose Bowl parking lot for a Brick (Ride + Run) and Pizza Party. Awesome night. I got a pic of almost everyone in the pace line groups, as we wound it up around the Brookside Golf Course. We welcomed new Members to the Brick: Scott and Kali, and Jessica. The pace was pretty hot. The A Group did a third lap around the bowl, while the B-group took off south bound along the Arroyo to SoPas. The sun danced through the oak trees, while the club wound down stream. The Club racked their bikes and ran for a spell. Then Pizza, Apple pie, and cookies and beer. The Party was a big hit. We might have pizza more regularly, sound good?

Pace Line: Jeff, Michel, Alvin, Amy, Gregg, Steve, David, Sven, Tyler, Ben, Bjoern, Dino, Mark, Bill, MikeW, Haroon, Hank, Julie, Ewina, Evan GT, Kali, Lynda, Jessica, Scott, Joe. Emilio, MikeO, Bob, Peter, Allen.


Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 10.49.18 PMScreen Shot 2018-05-09 at 10.49.07 PMIMG_1313IMG_1315IMG_1316IMG_1317IMG_1318IMG_1319IMG_1320IMG_1322IMG_1324IMG_1325

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