Ride Report – Pasadena

37.2 miles, 2:41 moving time, 3,244 ft elevation.

Cold California morning, low 50F. Club rode close to home all around Pasadena. Modified Resolution Ride. Top of Lake. Descanso. Foothill. Linda Vista.

Kirk, Tiffany, Amy, Blake, Erick. Jeff, Peter, GT. Joe, James, Jerrit.

T%iWtUwQQWmGje51G24O2ATKEtf+XTRaW7CSCfBH6X1g36hfvtzZQ%CQI8MJI0Eubw3Om+b+x7SCSN7SB5uyaKwgyjv6Q10fRF6J7IGbx1TXugPksHlSrPSo2O1ADFficgqwbW7n%jcVS8Kz6PupRC%4jQFvjnJP3ySeSMuAuP+5AsDgd2GX2rCXQLiFNKFxmwGCFwScreen Shot 2018-12-08 at 7.42.10 PM

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