Ride Report – Front Side of GMR

54.2 miles, 4:41 moving time, 4,314 ft elevation gain

Peter D., Larry, Paul G., Philip, Trevor, Carrie Bill, James, Joe, Alvin, Raoul, Sue.

Mile 0. Start at Starbucks, Sierra Madre. Perfect weather. Beautiful sunny day. Not too cold. Not too hot.

Mile 8. Duarte Encanto Park. Picked up a few more.

Mile 15: Rode along Sierra Madre, Foothill. Left up Glendora Mountain Road GMR, baby.

MIle 16: Gate closed! No cars. A more perfect day.

MIle 19: Steep climb up GMR, valley side. 5-9%.

Mile 24: Summit. 8 mile climb. Great views.

Mile 29: My favorite descent. Not too steep. Scenic views of mountains. Very Green. No cars, no motorcycles.

Mile 30: Refuel at Camp Williams. Firetrucks and helicopters. Rescue workers plucking out a washed up hiker. Not a good day for them.

Mile 42: 6 ascents and descents along the San Gabriel River and Dams. Tons of water. The reservoirs were the fullest I have ever seen in all my years up there. Water up into the tree line. All the ATV park was submerged. Head winds on the way back. Bummer.

Mile 45: Encanto Park again.

Mile 54: Starbucks and snacks. Happy Easter Weekend.

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