Ride Report – Long Beach

59 miles, 3:12 moving time, 1,041 ft elevation

Wow. It was super cold this morning. Clear skies and no wind. Low 40sF. Most of the crew started at Sierra Madre. However, I met the club at the Arcadia golf course. Lynda and Bill met them there too; technical difficulties / wardrobe malfunction. Once we got started we warmed up a bit. But I was covered from head to face to finger to toes. There was very little traffic going the opposite direction in the morning. So, we rode 2x 2s for some of the way and chatted through the chilly air. The ride down to Long Beach was pretty clear. One soft flat tire at Starbucks. Other than that it was smooth sailing. Since I had full finger gloves on, I couldn’t take any action shots while riding today. Too Cold. Brrr.

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