Body Economics Running Workshop

On a cold wintry morning, Marco led 8 PTCers through Body Economics Running Workshop. The workshop was engaging and fun. I helped out as a friendly “fly on the wall”, while the Club members got to learn about anatomy, physiology, running, breathing, cadence, and thinking. I won’t spoil all the fun, but Marco sure was a great instructor (Here for more on Marco). Link to his Body Economics Movement here. His program is usually a one – on – one course, but Marco put together this special small group program for 8 PTC members only. [When we promoted the event, it sold out over night. Then we added another 8 person workshop for next week. That one sold out in under 24 hrs too.] There were tons of tips and tricks and body awareness advise for the participants during the 2 hr workshop. There was a video session for each running,  before and after. Everyone could see what was going on before, and the improvement that happened just after the short time working out. Then, they all went out for a 30 min. run, mixed in with one-on-one time with Marco. Marco also brought a friend Costa, who also took pics and vids. If you missed it, you should ask the lucky bunnies that got to go. It was really fun, and made a lot of sense.

Thanks to Marco for putting on a great workshop. Super great value to the Club!

Marco, Costa, Bjoern, Leanne, Lisa, Carrie, Amy, Cali, Nathan, Paul.




One thought on “Body Economics Running Workshop

  1. Wonderful morning. Learned so much about my running style and loved the ideas Marco gave us individually about how to be more relaxed and efficient runners. Thanks so very much Marco.

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