Ride Report – Hot River Trails

37.78 miles, 2:25 moving time, 1,325 ft elevation

Hot Day for riding. Club met up in Sierra Madre at Starbucks at 7:30am, but it was already warming up. Shout to to new members showing up for the ride: Marisa and James! Well done. G and Sara invited a friend Dwight who rode his fixie with us. We rolled over to Encanto Park in Duarte and picked up a few more friends.

Nathan, Dave, Paul, Lynda, Mark, G, Sara, James, Bill, Dwight, Marisa, Joe, Bob, Michel, James, Ana, Anton, Mike, Alvin, Rick, Dale.

We rode down the San Gabriel River Trail, across the Santa Fe Dam and back down the SGRT to Whittier Narrows. The club split into smaller groups naturally by speed. We regrouped in Whittier, as we transitioned across Rosemead / Durfee to the Rio Hondo River Trail. The Rio Hondo had a surprising amount of water flowing, considering that the middle of summer is usually pretty dry. At the end of the Rio Hondo River Trail, we rolled across the dam and met a large troupe of geese. Lynda and Nathan honked back at them. Regroup at the 9 Hole Arcadia Golf. Then we rolled up to Santa Anita. Lynda intended a Chantry Flats climb, but the policeman at the gate had bad news for her. Unable to dissuade him, Lynda turned around. We had a cool refreshing snack back in Sierra Madre. Alvin and friends went for bonus miles to Lake Ave and back. Whew. July is hot stuff. Dale caught up to us at Sierra Madre. He got a late start and didn’t catch up until the end. Well done, Dale for finishing with us.

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