Swim Report – Belmont Shore

3,600 yds, 1:14 moving time

Bob, Joe, Rudy. I had Friday off for a holiday, since the 4th was on Saturday. I took advantage of the morning off and went with Bob and Rudy down to Belmont Shore in Long Beach for an open water swim. Rudy met another tri friend Sergio at the water. We all swam together. My Garmin was glitching and lost the first 400 yds. The water was clear and nice. Rudy swam without a wetsuit! We swam along the outer edge from the main Showers/Bathroom stop at 2nd St. We swam across the first dock to Buoys A and B. The water was warm along that stretch, then we swam to Buoy C, around the 2nd dock and near the outlet to the ocean. Noticeably colder, eh, Rudy? There was a current sweeping out of the canals to the ocean. So, we made great time on our time out. But were crawling on the way back.

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