Brick Report – Rose Bowl

18.7 miles, 1:17 moving time, 1,324 ft elevation gain

The Club had its first Brick of the year on Wednesday night at the Rose Bowl. We met by the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, a couple parking rows down.

Sebastian, Dave, Sue, Nathan, Joe, Bob, Marco, Mark. Gary. Maria.

We rode two social laps around the Rose Bowl. I saw Maria riding along Highland too. I rode with Nathan, up Salvia Canyon to Linda Vista and Highland. Highland to Chevy Chase Drive is beautiful winding climb under oak trees, through La Canada. Up Descanso Drive and we regrouped at Descanso Gardens. Back down Descanso and Chevy Chase, Up to St. Katherine. Along the steep climb to St. Katherine, I met up with Gary Purtee. Good to see you Gary! Then, we descended back to Inverness and Linda Vista and Salvia all the way back to the Bowl. Great ride and then I had a little episode.

Along Arroyo Drive, I merged with a car to make a left into the parking lot. I looked back one more time to see the cars behind me, and then I hit a sink hole and went down in the middle of the street. Fortunately, fairly slow speed. Road rash and bruised hip. Sue and Gary watched over me, while I calmed down. Passerby called the ambulance. EMTs checked me out and no broken bones. My wife and son came and took me to urgent care. I’m thankful for friends scooping me up and taking care of me and my bike (which is fine, thanks for asking).

Sunday Update: Thank you to Nathan, for sending in report to the City of Pasadena. Since then, the City has filled in sink hole!

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