Ride Report – Hot Ride to Mt. Wilson

38.60 miles, 3:45 moving time, 4,901 ft elevation

Warm sunny morning led to hot morning. The Club met at Starbucks in La Canada for a climb up to Mt. Wilson. The ride started with a steep start up Angeles Crest Highway (Hwy 2). The climb is pretty exposed along the side of the mountain. I was dripping from the start to the finish. Clear Creek was closed up, no services. There was a tremendous amount of car traffic from La Canada to Clear Creek. At Red Box, the water line was open. Whew. I took a break with Sarah at Red Box. From Red Box to the top of Wilson has a little more shade, but I always find it steeper. The traffic was a lot less. The last mile for me today was a killer. I was glad I made it to the top. The views were spectacular. The skies were so blue. We could see over Pasadena, and Los Angeles to Rancho Palos Verdes. The descent was fast. Gregg and I were decently very fast and met a Highlander making a U-turn. Woah. By the time we passed Switzer and Clear Creek, every inch was covered with cars. At Starbucks, got a couple cold and refreshing drinks. It took me a cold shower, A/C and a nap to recover from the heat.

Joe, Lynda, Bob, Bill, Mark, Gregg, Paul, Goeff, Sarah, Sue, Alvin, Jonathan, Marco, Ryan, Kirk, David, Dwight, Jessica

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