Swim Report – Belmont Shore. Hot day, cool water. Ahh.

2,435 yds, 50:41 moving time, Buoy B

Finding relief from the heatwave, the Club got up early for a sunrise swim at Belmont Shores in Long Beach, CA. The water was cool but felt refreshing, compared to the crushing heatwave this week. The water was pretty clear, I could see the sea grass on the bottom. There was a lot of folks out for cool time by the water. We got started at 7am. We swam to Buoy A and then Buoy B. On our way back, at Buoy A, we ran into to Bob and Paul. After the swim, most of the swimmers went for a run. After the run, we grabbed a snack at Gelson’s. It was 104F by the time we got home. Time to curl up for a cool nap at home in the AC. Have a great Holiday Weekend. Celebrate Labor Day!

Danny, Lynda, Gregg, Sue, Tiffany, Joe, Marisa, Rob, Michel, James, John, Bob, Paul.

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