Swim Report – Belmont Shore, Long Beach

2,500 yds, 49:15 moving times.

Club swam 7am early at Belmont Shores, in Long Beach. It was the last swim before the Pasadena Club Triathlon NEXT WEEK!

We started at the beach corner at Belmont and 2nd Street. Potties were open. Water quality was good. Temp: 55-60F. It was overcast. At first the 67F air temp felt cool, cuz we’ve been used to heat waves all summer, but it was actually fine. At first the water temp felt cool, but it was fine too. The tide was very high. You tell by the water level all the way up the wall.

We swam the length of the buoys, turned left to the end of the dock (~500 yds). Then across the beach and docks to Buoy A. Onward to Buoy B and flip it. There was definitely noticeable amounts sea grass floating around. With the grey overcast sky, and my backup goggles, I had trouble siting today. I would pop up to site and be almost every time. My strava shows the wiggles of my swim. swim

Lynda, Bob, Scott, Tyler, Marcello, Mike M., Gregg, Joe, James, Michel, Tiff, Danny.

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