Ride Report – Tour of Long Beach. Arcadia and the River Trails. Rio Hondo, Los Angeles, San Gabriel Trails

67.4 miles, 4:07 moving time, 1,070 ft elevation gain.

In preparation for the Pasadena Club Triathlon in Long Beach Next Week Oct 3rd, the Club rode the course in Long Beach. In order to the get to the course the Club rode from Arcadia Golf Course, which is the end of the Upper Rio Hondo River Trail. The water spigot is open upstream somewhere and the Arcadia dam was full and overflowing the top, covering the bike path transition from the Golf Course. We had to ride around Live Oak and Peck Road to enter the Bike Path. Once we got on the Rio Hondo Bike Path, the fast guys took off like a Halloween Bat.

Lynda, Bill, Ryan, Michel, Joe, Sue, Erick, John, Gregg, David and friend Raul, Danny, Alvin, Dave, Mike.

In Whittier, we transitioned to the Lower Rio Hondo River Trail. By that time, the fast guys were long gone and I was riding with the B Group of Lynda, Sue, Mike, David. I believe there were some favorable tailwinds.

Along side the Home Depot in Compton, Michel got the first of 3 flats. We helped what we could and he shooed us off to Starbucks in Long Beach. Sure enough, he was able to patch himself up and met us in Long Beach.

Alvin was running a little late in the morning and chose to cross the water at the Arcadia dam on foot. He slipped a bit and scraped a bit.

The Club rode through Long Beach on Ocean Blvd and then down to the sandy bike path. We found Erick at the parking lot at the end of the bike path. We had a quick potty stop at Belmont Shore, where the Pasadena Club Triathlon will be next week.

We rode over to the start of the San Gabriel River Trail and took it all the way up to Whittier. I missed one intersection with the Club cuz some senior riders and ended up riding the SGRT all by my lonesome. It was fine though. Snif. The sun came out about 5 miles north of Long Beach and got warmer with every mile home.

At Durfee and Rosemead intersection, we rode back to the Upper Rio Hondo and back to Arcadia. I saw Lynda, Mike, Sue on the other side of the intersection. We met back up at the Golf Course. Great Ride.

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