Triathlon Race Rehearsal – Long Beach

The Club is training for triathlons. Today was a Race Rehearsal. Swim, Bike, Run in Long Beach.

Swim: 2606 yds, 54:41 moving time

Bike: 41.85 miles, 2:40 moving time, 449 elevation

Run: 4 miles, 1:01 moving time.

Sen, Rick, Julien, Lynda, Marisa, Eric, Paul, Bert, Sarah, Maria, Rex, Sue, Joe, Gary, Ahmed.

The Long Beach parking lot was filled with July holiday beach goers. Weather was overcast at the beach, and the sun later broke through in the afternoon. The Club started early enough to grab parking. The Club is planning on Race Rehearsals like this one, every month for the next few months. Oceanside 70.3, and Ironman California are coming up in just a few months.

Swim: We walked to Belmont Shores. We slid into our wetsuits and went for an open water swim. I swam from the end of the buoys, east to Buoy A, B, and C. Great swim today. Since we all swam different lengths, I got back after everyone was already on their back. I spent the rest of the day solo.

Bike: We rode from Belmont Shores to the San Gabriel River Trail. It starts about a mile away. We rode north 20 miles to the Tunnel of Doom and flipped it. I saw everyone along the way as they were coming back. I think we had tailwinds north bound. But, I’m very sure we had headwinds on the south bound, return trip. My stomach was a little upset at mile 30. I took it down a notch, and kept rolling, just slower.

Run: I ran / walked for an hour. I was time limited for today. It was a beautiful day on the Naples Island. All the homes were decked out for the July 3rd Holiday, they were having fireworks later that night.

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