Ride Report – Long Beach

59.34 miles, 3:22 moving time, 970 ft elevation gain

On a warm summer morning, the Club rode to Long Beach.

Peter, Anton, Kirk, Bert, Ahmed, Mike W., Ryan, Philip, Gregg D., Doug, Mike O., Rachel, Dale, Mike B., Gregg M., Gary, James, Joe.

The Club started at Starbucks in Sierra Madre. They rolled down the hill to Arcadia Golf 3 Par, where they picked up a few more, including me (overslept, but got out the door in time for Arcadia). We rolled down the Upper Rio Hondo River Trail. Watch out for hazards in the underpasses. Garbage, stray dogs, et al. In Whittier, we transitioned to the Lower Rio Hondo River Trail. Merged with the LA River Trail and got down to Long Beach. Some high clouds staved off the heat for another hour or so. Mild headwinds as we approached the City of Long Beach. Gregg and Kirk drove the train southbound for the B group. I heard Peter was winding up the A Train. We met up at Starbucks in Long Beach by City Center. Snacks, water, sat for a bit. Then, we rolled back home. Tail winds at our back up the trail. As the tail winds died off, the heat also started firing up. Mike W. hit something in an underpass and had a flat.

Happy Summer Ride. Wahoo. Ice cold refresher after.

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