Ride Report – Mt. Wilson

37.99 miles, 4:08 moving time, 4,849 ft elevation gain

Gregg, Bill, Lynda, Sue, Dave, Raul, Rick, Julian, Vickie, Marisa, Hank, Gary, Joe, Steve, Alvin, Rob, Paul.

The Club met in La Canada Starbucks to climb Angeles Crest Hwy. The dawn was colorful and spectacular, but then fizzled into grey overcast clouds throughout the day. The climb begins at the start and rarely relents. With a healthy amount of auto traffic on the 2 Hwy, we hugged the side of the road during the climb and took the center of the road on the descent.

Mile 9: Clear Creek. Lots of hiker and cars parked along the road. It got colder as we left the city’s edge.

Mile 14: Red Box. Lots more hikes and cars in the lots. It continued to get colder as we climbed. I got a picture of a patch of snow and ice on the north facing slopes.

Mile 19: Mt. Wilson. We rode to the television towers and the observatory. The views were clear and far reaching. I could see Pasadena in the foreground, DTLA off to the right a bit, and straight sound I could see Rancho Valos Verdes and Catalina Island. Wow.

We bundled up and flipped it for the descent. The cold air was chilling all the way down.

Mile 35: Almost down. There was a rider that was walking her bike. I stopped and helped a young woman change her flat. She didn’t have a tube, a patch, a pump or CO2 canister. zippo. Hence, the walking. I offered her a tube and canister and changed her tube. She was thankful and I zipped the rest of the way down. Drove home for a long hot shower to fully warm up again.

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