Ride Report – River Trails

36.02 miles, 2:19 moving time, 992 ft elevation

Sue, James, Phillip, Paul G., Ryan, Gregg D., Gregg M., Lynda, Bill, Trevor, Kevin, Marisa, Maria, David C., Joe, Alvin, Julien, Mike W.

Mile 0: Start at Starbucks in Sierra Madre. Beautiful, sunny, perfect SoCal morning.

Mile 8: Picked up a few more folks at Encanto Park in Duarte. Hopped on the San Gabriel River Trail. So much water in the river. Water flowing across whole width of bridge.

Mile 11: Santa Fe Dam. Lots of water flowing out of dam. Filling all the downstream channels.

Mile 18: Water was so full that two underpasses were flooded at the 60 Fwy. I rolled through one and didn’t my feet wet. I watched Phillip on the second one and he got his feet wet, so I opted to walk over the Valley Blvd. It is a very busy street, but we made it across.

Mile 22: Regrouped at the next dam at the San Gabriel River Trail. We rode across Rosemead Blvd and hopped on the Upper Rio Hondo River Trail. Also lots of water on the way back.

Mile 30: Exited Rio Hondo Trail because the Dam at Peck Road Park was flooded also.

Mile 36: Snacks at Starbucks in Sierra Madre. Wahoo.

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