What would you do? Choose Happiness.

One of the questions that Unique Genius asks is ‘What would you do?’

Take off all the reality limitations.
Assume you were assured of success.
You didn’t need to make money to survive.
You were fully supported by all your friends and family.
What would you do?
Just for you.
I was at a dinner party with old friends last night. We get together every year right around New Years. The kids were playing, the wives were chatting on one side of the table, so leaned over and asked some of the guys this question. It was amazing. These are bright successful people. Some were quick to say their choice; Animation, write a cartoon. Others had to really think about it. Later he said Musical Theater. One said he living his passion at work as a teacher making a difference in under privileged kids’ lives. And, the last said he’d tackle a disease like malaria and try to eradicate it, like Bill and Melinda Gates. One of the moms said she would cook amazing dinners for friends, but definitely not build a restaurant.  
I didn’t have a complete answer.
I said paint, sculpt, build gadgets. Travel.
I said I was open to coaching.
I have already gone on to the next step in my head.
I am mashing up my passions with my work experience. I want to make it a business. Since I started to mash it up, my natural instinct or knee jerk reaction is gone. Kinda.
I finished watching all the videos on Unique Genius. It’s all sinking in. I’ve done tons of the worksheets.
Course 1,2,3,4.
I read all the expert handouts.
I watched all the interviews.
I listened to most of the conference calls.
Unique Genius challenged me to look at the five business models. Aaron emphatically says the coaching model is the way to go to start now and build it. Content and interviews. Becoming an expert. I feel I’m not an expert at anything. It doesn’t click and doesn’t feel just right, at least not yet. He had a good example that says if you were 1000 lbs and lost 400 lbs and now you’re only 600 lbs you are atill an expert. You’re ahead of somebody that’s still 1000 lbs. he had another example. A woman who’s had a divorce and interviews 5-100 ladies with long and successful marriages. She too can become an expert. Your story and background are your voice. Ok. So I can be an expert at something. Embrace my past experience cuz that’s who I am.
My ideal client is a past version of me.
So I’m an expert for all the past me’s out there. My story will vibrate with the ideal folks out there. The internet can spread it to find just the right people out there. Just focus on those specific guys. Find a niche and get rich.
My ideal client. The past Joe from 5 weeks ago to 5 years ago.
Dads. Middle agers. Age group triathlete. Cyclists. Engineers. Designers. Lab guys. Medical device guys. Guys with moderately high blood pressure with a mortgage and 2 kids, a wife and a boss.
What do they want? What did I want?

I knew that college and experience got me to where I am today. But to make the next step in business isn’t where I want to go. I currently don’t feel comfortable telling my boss now, ‘hey, I don’t want to grow up and be a middle manager.’  But it’s true. There’s more to life than middle management. That’s the least inspiring place for me to dream about going. Dilbert. I want to leave engineering behind. Leave the big company behind. FYI. the big company has left me behind a few times already when it wasn’t in its best interests so the feeling is mutual and  not personal.

I am going to take steps and meet with close friends and talk about coaching and me. I’m not sure that’s a way to passive income. But if you do what you love and add value then the money will follow. Packaging my content.
My message is Choose Happiness with some Unique Genius blended in.
Find you passion.
Choose to be happy in life and love and work.
I help people choose happiness in life, in work, and in love
Maybe I’ll move the order around but that’s my mission statement. 
I like it.
I’m excited now.
I’m gonna set up come phone calls and talk to my most inspiring friends.

3 thoughts on “What would you do? Choose Happiness.

  1. I love your sentiment here – remember that we have a CHOICE is huge. Most of us play the victim to our own lives, but we CAN choose to do something different. Very empowering – thank you 🙂

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