Club Championship at Bonelli Olympic Distance Triathlon

Bonelli Olympic Distance Triathlon.

Pasadena Triathlon Club participated in the event. We had a luncheon at the finish line.

Swim: 1.0 mile swim, 36:09 moving time.

T1: 2:36

Bike: 25.0 mile bike, 1:28:25 moving time. 52 strava trophies.


Run. 6.2 miles, 1:12:00 moving time. 0 trophies.

Total: 3:25:32.

The club had a great turn out and great results. Lots of PTC people on the podium. It was awesome. I’ll try to dig through the results page and give everybody proper recognition.

Day started in the dark at registration. Bonelli Park is in San Dimas, CA. It’s been designated as a National Monument by the current president. just so you know. They opened the parking after 6am. Opened registration at 6:30am for packet pickup. It turned out that I was missing my swim cap. My remedy for this had some minor consequences. Anyway, I immediately saw lots of PTC friends in the dark parking lot, at registration and at transition area. The park has a swimming area with buoys, the transition area is in the parking lot overlooking the swim area.

The start of the race was delayed by 30 minutes due to heavy fog. You can see it in the pictures. The lifeguards couldn’t see the buoys, let alone the swimmers. The race director almost changed the OLY course to a loopy course right off the sand. But, thankfully, after the National Anthem, the fog lifted and the race started. There were 4 wave starts. I didn’t get a cap so I ran back to rummage through the goodie bag for my cap. Alvin was there an offered me his yellow cap. I thought they were all the same, but wasn’t thinking too clearly. My cap should have been white for the first wave, since I’m still 44. Alvin had a yellow for the relays, which took off in the second wave. I didn’t want to cause a raucous for starting in the first wave with a yellow cap instead of a white cap, so I hung back and started 5 minutes later with the 2nd wave. So, my official times are off if you look them up. I only post the true data, which is anything from my Garmin.

The swim was harder to navigate than usual with the thick fog. But, I felt ok during the swim. I need a new wetsuit. This one is too tight and constricting on my lungs and arms swing. On my wishlist for Christmas, along with the Garmin 920XT.

Bike was good. It was a hilly course. The first downhill runs along the side of the 57 freeway. I was going 35-38 mph. It was smokin’ hot fast. It was 3 loop course. There are 7% hills once in a while. The road by the golf course really sucks. I’m amazed nobody flatted there.

T2. Rumbly in my tumbly. I made a couple potty stops.

Run. The jiggly from the run made for some major discomfort for miles 1-2. By mile 3 it settled down some and I was able to trot along. It was much cooler than last year, which was blazing hot on the run.

Post Party. Fun times. Michael and crew arranged for subway sandwiches and lots of snacks.

Results. [sorry official results not available right now, so my details are fuzzy at this time.]

PTC Coed Relays placed #1 (Michel, Amy, Elizabeth) and #2 (Margot, Glenn, Alvin).

Mens Relay placed (Rob and Phil).

PeterN placed Overall.

Gail, Janet placed AG

Kirk Placed AG.

Brian placed in AG.


Pics from Registration and Transition Setup.

Gail & Neil, Kirk and Bill

IMG_0763 IMG_0765


Michael and his brother Matt (1st triathlon!), Janet

IMG_0766 IMG_0768

Rob and Phil for relay, Peter and family

IMG_0771 IMG_0775IMG_0772

Relay team: Friend, Corrina, and Lisa,

IMG_0773 IMG_0784


Relay: Margot, Alvin, Glenn



Brian. Dave

IMG_0776 IMG_0777

Gail, Peter

IMG_0778 IMG_0779

Bill, Jonathan, Alvin. Rafael, Anton

IMG_0780 IMG_0782 IMG_0783



Relay Team: Michel, Any, Elizabeth. Check out the fog in the back. Thick as soup. And there was stuff in that soup too. Did I mention LA in a drought?

10689665_10205120841759423_1289800327951965112_n10712368_779142392147108_4362563783494981710_o 10284974_779142352147112_7532929267991348627_o 10636684_779142402147107_3710568985128720731_o


10629349_779142432147104_394991632847998387_o 10679525_779142348813779_2969879735711984387_o 1397062_779142555480425_9026230335978238041_o 10679533_779142635480417_4976907425239940566_o 10683545_779142762147071_5349478123268731147_o 10733943_779142765480404_4923576128877931119_o


Kirk: 2nd in AG.


IMG_0786 IMG_0787

Brian: podium’d too!

IMG_0788 IMG_0789 IMG_0790 IMG_0791 IMG_0792 IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0798

Relay team 1st place: Michel, Amy, Elizabeth. Gail 2nd in AG. Janet 1st in AG. Relay team also placed 2nd.

10536579_10205120842279436_9093802334997396015_o  1898266_10204153622856136_6101344028948894398_n 1658462_779142842147063_2129371184308762112_o 10733892_779142855480395_2289639177418686236_oClub Championship. Olympic Triathlon. Swim. Delayed by thick fog on the water.  Swim  Strava - Google Chrome 10122014 24115 PM Club Championship. Olympic Triathlon. Bike. 3 Loops. Hills.  Ride  Strava - Google Chrome 10122014 24225 PM Chrome Legacy Window 10122014 24337 PM header


Ok. this one is an obvious fake.



I’m not sure I get the Steamboat theme. But, that’s the medal.

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