PTC Video Interview Series. Neil Klein.

Neil is 50 years old, he’s a private investigator and an Ironman.

Here’s Neil’s triathlon story.

He and Gail started out on the east coast and moved to California in 1998. To do more than work, they found fun things like triathlons.

Neil started out as a runner. He liked the challenges of endurance sports and longer distance races, like marathons. Then they got into triathlons. He worked through the different distance triathlons: Sprints, Olympic, Half Ironman and Full Ironman. Last November, he and Gail completed Ironman Arizona.

Lesson: “Planning helps. Take the proper steps for any distance. I never put a lot of pressure on myself. I just have fun all day.”

What He Learned about Himself: He wasn’t aware how far he could push himself. It was interesting to see what your limits are.

Tips for Newbies: Sign up, join a club, have fun.

There’s lot of good people out there in the triathlon sport. You can learn from friends and strangers along the way.

Thanks for sharing, Neil!


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