Surf City Half Marathon. Race Report.

I ran the Surf City Half Marathon on Sunday Feb 2.
It was a super fun event with Pasadena Triathlon Club.

The morning started at 4:45am. i know. super early, but worth it cuz traffic is bad. We took off with 29 peeps in two vans fulls from Eagle Rock to Huntington Beach.


Valet parking at Hyatt. Relax and stretch with grand ball room with private resort potties!


Marvin got custom tech Tees for the Feb Fecta


Post Race Fecta Runners




My Fecta Tee. Bruin Blue, Baby.

Surfboard Medal.


Race Results. Official time 2:10:08.

Race Report. I lined up with the 2:00:00 Pace group, which is faster than my usual pace. I hung on with them for about 4 miles, when there was 2nd right turn and steep hill. Overall, I felt pretty good all day. At mile 10, I was on pace for a PR (2:07, Pasadena Half), so I stepped on the gas and took off. There was a hill and I quickly puttered out. PR was not meant to be. That’s ok. There was a strong head wind on the last 3 miles back into town. I drafted off anybody any size that was going about my speed, with noticeable improvement. I finished happily. No GI drama. Just one potty stop at mile 5. No blisters. No bleeding nips. I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t feel adequately prepared for this race, so I wasn’t expecting such a great time. On the way back, we stopped for lunch. Made I home and watched the Superbowl. That was a dud.


Garmin / Strava Results

Surf City

Me, Kim, Amy, Kim


Me, MikeB


Me, Gio


Me, Marvin


Me, Alvin


Gregg, Johnna, Me



Me, Steve


Bryan, Me, Trevor, Sebastian, MikeB, Danny, Marvin


Me, Gregg, Eddy


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