Bandit 15k Trail Run

Oh boy, this was quite a challenging trail run.
Stats: 15k (9.3) miles, 2,162 ft of climbing, 2:09:03. by Garmin.

Official results from race:

Age Group
Age Place
Sex Place
1003 Joe Wong 43 M 40-49 08:00:16 10:09:12 2:08:56 67 19 51 13:51

Beautiful Santa Susanna Park in Simi Valley, Ca.
Bandit 15k.

Started with van ride from Eagle Rock to Simi Valley. There were 18 runners from Pasadena Triathlon Club in 2 vans. Fun times.


We arrived early and got packet pick up.
Trail run events are always low key, compared to road races, like Surf City, 2 weeks ago, with like 20,000 racers. This was a much smaller event.

The race was very steep. There switch back at the beginning, but that wasn’t even the steepest part. It kept going straight up for 3 miles. On the steepest sections, I was on my hands and feet. I usually wear my shoes loose so I don’t get blisters and stuff. But I almost kicked off my shoes several times. At the top of the summit, the view was spectacular. I didn’t get any shots of the top view. It was truly amazing.

At the turn around at 4.5 miles, I stopped and tightened up my laces. I definitely had more control on the descent, but felt the start of blisters coming. The descent was scary fast. The single track by the sheer cliffs was crazy. Since it was an out and back, I saw all my friends at one point or another. We gave shoutouts and high fives. I was shadowing this runner from Long Beach, and he said, ‘you’re pretty popular!’ And I said I came with about 20 friends. That was cool.

Nutrition wise, my stomach was growling a few times and there was some green clouds, but over all it was ok. I took 3 goos total, Enduralytes at the beginning, and every half hour. I wore a camel back for hydration. Trail races typically don’t have much support because car access to the trails are always limited, which was true on this race too. The volunteer crew was awesome and friendly, well run race.

Clean up. Another thing I tried this race was packing a full change of clothes, flip flops. After the race, I wiped off from head to toe and everywhere in between with baby wipes. The fresh clothes were great. We went to breakfast near by at Egg House. I had Swedish pancakes with lingonberries and powered sugar, yummy. Coffee, OJ. Marvin handed out raffle prizes from PTC sponsors. We rode back to Eagle Rock and laughed about the fun morning.



PTC pre-race group shot


Race route


Strava details here.


Kim and Amy


Lynda and me



Post Race




Lynda and me after the race.


Marvin and me. Breakfast at EggHouse.


One thought on “Bandit 15k Trail Run

  1. AWESOME REPORT Joe!!!! On to Firecracker on Sunday — will be fun and more “doable” than this “hike” But Bandit was a great run — a T O U G H run…………but that was OK!!!

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