Kids Programming Arduino – Space Lights

Kids got this Arduino Starter Kit for Christmas. I blame it on the kids, but I know I really wanted it. And this is so cool. I’m teaching the kids electronics and programming. Fun Times.

starter kitstarter stuff


We did the first couple simple LED setups on Christmas morning. When we tried to program the chip and upload, we failed. I recently (Fed 26, 2014) spent time troubleshooting on YouTube videos. I reinstalled the Arduino software and drivers and that seemed to do the trick. I got the drivers to talk to the UNO Board. Projects may take 2 months to get done, but you can conquer windows drivers eventually. The blinking Space Lights Program finally worked. Hurrah!

When the switch is open, then the green LED is on (and red1 and red2 LED are off).

When the switch is pressed closed, then the red1 and red2 blink on back and forth (green off).

Good job, kids!

Life Lesson: Start computer programming at a young age. Teach kids they can build their own electronics. Build projects and build their confidence in basic electronics understanding. It demystifies electronics and yet unlocks new mysteries of learning.

Pictures from our project.

Started on Christmas Morning 2013.


Finished First programming project Feb 26, 2014.


IMG_0984   IMG_0985

Here’s a clip of the Space Lights in action:


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