Swim Report – Belmont Shore. Around Naples Island.

4,515 yd (2.5 miles), 1:38 moving time.

Beautiful sunny morning in Long Beach at Belmont Shore. Lynda, Bob, Danny, Tiff,. and Joe We saw Tyler, Jaden and Scott swim later too. Today was the big day. Bob, Danny and I swam all the way around the Naples Island. 2.5 miles. Wahoo. That’s Ironman distance 2.4 miles +. There was a little bit of chop, but the water was on the warm side and pretty clear. I could see the sea grass flowing in the current on the bottom of the canals. We started at Belmont Shore Beach, at 2nd St and Bay Shore Drive. Danny and I stopped after about 500 yds and said ‘hi’ to his oldest son, who was floating around and fishing. He caught some baby fish so far. As we crossed the Alimitos Bay (about 1000 yds) there was a little bit of chop to the water. Lots of paddle boarders and kayakers, who are generally friendly to swimmers and maneuver around us, and smile. (Unlike the scullers, who try to hit you on the head, and they’re facing the wrong way too. Fortunately, they aren’t out on the water lately). The straightway along the Marina was wide open, very few boats. Under the 2nd bridge and by Mother’s Beach. Lots of families splashing around. The water on that side was clear and warm. My arms were wet noodles at this point. Since the pools have been closed for months, these open water swims are the only swim I get. I focused on long straight pulls and finally saw the final bridge. I came in a little before Bob, and caught a pic of him swimming in the canal before the final bridge. Scott and Jaden were finishing a 10 mile run and then they swam with Tyler. They all jumped in with their speedos! I said the water was warm, but not that warm. haha. After the swim, we got our snacks at Gelsons. Almond croissant!

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