Morning Run

Morning run in Pasadena. Mix of trails and streets. My hands were cold. I thought it would be a bit warmer than it was. Pushed hard on some sections and got the speed up. On the descent into the Arroyo, I hit a pace of 6:30 min/mile. That’s super fast for me.

here’s some pics from the morning.

Moonset over Brookside golf course


Devil’s dam has a bit of water stored up.

IMG_1738   IMG_1739

Sunrise through the pine trees and wild flowers, just above the freeway.


View down into the Arroyo, where I started.


I parked in a different spot, so when I ran back into the Arroyo, I headed to the Pool, but I wasn’t parked there. Duh. Ran about 3/4 extra miles back to my car.

Strava Details:

Morning Run  Strava Run - Mozilla Firefox 3192014 85041 AM

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