Race Report – LA Rock N Roll Half Marathon

13.1 miles, 2:22 time

The Club had 20 folks downtown on Sunday Morning for LA Rock n Roll Half Marathon. We caravanned with Lynda’s Sprinter van and my minivan from Eagle Rock to LA. It was a cool but not cold morning. Foggy. The sun never came out and it never got hot. Perfect running weather. The course changed a little from last year. Instead of running around the Coliseum, we ran along one side of Exposition Park and then along the other side. It was a climb up Figueroa to Wilshire, then rollers all along Wilshire out to Western. There was plenty of times to see friends on the switchbacks. The first couple miles felt pretty good. I ran with my Apple watch instead of my Garmin and listened to loud musics on wireless earbuds to drown out my body complaining about running. All our GPS’s were reporting more than 13.1 miles due to the GPS signals bouncing around then skyscrapers downtown. The finish line was right in front of LA live. The gear check was there too. Very convenient. After the race, my minivan went home early and the rest stayed for breakfast at the Ritz Carlton, next door to LA live.

Lynda compiled all the results

Name Time Age Group
Paul Maurin 1:53:50 4/18
GT  Erguiza 2:00:20 123/379
Lynda Neuman 2:08:22 3/27
Eddy Gerovian 2:05:30 152/379
Joe Wong 2:22:55 210/343
Rudy Quintero 1:52:35 56/343
Kirk Cassidy 1:56:08 14/90
Amy Avilia 2:00:54 45/517
Bob Montes 1:59:30 59/230
Todd Fujimoto 1:54:26 81/379
Yuri Kalashnikov 2:00:45 151/448
Graz Casale 1:50:59 88/448
Sue Montgomery 2:29:28 19/79
Robbie Ferrito (5K) 20:52 1/37
Ryan Thomas 1:40:24 43/435
Tiffany Birkett 1:53:00 15/517
Danny Keshishian 1:57:23 99/379
Mike Wade 2:31:31 14/30
Bill Truax 1:47:43 8/91
Neal Genda 2:48:55 5/7
John Caufield 2:03:04 23/90
John J Caulfeild 1:48:49 13/99
Ryan Caufeild 2:12:21 51/99

Ryan, John, John J, Bill, Danny, Graziano, Paul, Yuri, Bob, Neal, Amy, Mike, Kirk, Sue, Rudy, Ryan. And not pictured: Tiffany, Lynda, Joe, GT, Sebastian, Robbie, Todd, Lisa, Corrina, and Eddie.


Bob, Kirk, Rudy, Joe


Lisa, Corrina, Amy, Joe


Starting line: Bob, GT, Rudy, Tiffany, Kirk, Todd, Joe


Finish line and medal


Flyer Sebastian!


LA Live: GT, Lynda, Amy, Joe


John, Bill, Yuri, Sue


Paul, Kirk



IMG_6941Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 8.05.55 PM


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