Chesebro Half Marathon. Dole Great Trail Race. Race Report.

Chesebro Half Marathon. Trail Race in Agoura Hills. Race Report.

Summary: 13.2 mi. 2:25:43  1,106 ft elevation.

Weather was perfect running conditions. High clouds. Not hot, not cold, no wind, direct sun.

At the finish:


Blow by blow, from the beginning. Lynda, Sue and I rode out early from Eagle Rock. No traffic, got there super early. All important potty stop. Parked at the Vons and walked over to the park area for bag check and and another potty stop. It was still dark and cool. Wasn’t sure exactly what to wear.


I had my camelback for hydration and a long steeve shirt. I ditched the shirt at the start and picked it up later. Weather was perfect for short sleeve and shorts. 55F. There’s a short 1/4 mi walk up hill to that starting line, which is in the residential block in front of somebody’s house. We saw Steve there. He was shooting video of the course. We might see ourselves on his website. Soul Runners.


Mile 1-2 through neighbor hoods.

Mile 3-6: Trails start in the National Park. Mostly hard packed dirt, fire roads. Beautiful country side.



Mile 6. last aid station until mile 10. The trail got narrow, single file line. Brush was up to 6′ high. The climb started.


Here’s the trail up the crest.


Over the crest, the downhill through the other canyon. Nice slope. You can really fly. Not too steep, so you can really pick up the free speed. Keep your feet behind you and don’t break.


Mile 10: Out of the park, back on the streets. Fast down hill for another 1.5 miles.

Mile 12, 13: I was getting tired and hungry. I had 2 eggs, toast, and banana for breakfast, but my tummy was growling. I had 3 goos along the course: (1) at race start (2a) 30 minutes (2b) 1 hour (3a) 1.5 hour (3b) 2.0 hour.

Finished strong. Felt ok. Needed food. Dole 3 fruit cups, 1 banana, jug of water. Ahhh. I saw Lynda finish. Met up with Sue at bag check. We found Kosha at the end. He ran the Pacific Half Marathon. Road Race at the same event.



Strava Details:

Cheseboro Half Marathon. Dole Great Trail Race  Strava Run - Mozilla Firefox 3222014 51227 PM

My friend Steve Mackel at Sole Runners shot video of the race too.

You can see me at 0:28, 1:56, and 2:10



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