Crystal Lake Ride

Lynda, Luis, and I rode up to Crystal Lake. Here’s a shot from the Cafe. My first time all the way to the top.

51. miles, 4:31 moving time, 5,709 elevation.


We started from Encanto Park in Duarte.

Crossed the bridge and joined the bike path northbound. At the end of the bike path, we joined the Hwy 39 and rode that all the way up. There was a noticeable head wind climbing up to San Gabriel Dam.

Lucas and Bob started with us too. But, Lucas ended around 2500 ft gain. And Bob broke her cleat on her shoe, so at the Off Road Vehicle Area, just before Cogswell West Fork, she turned back.

IMG_1823     IMG_1824

At Cogswell, the stream runs along the road. Babbling brook.



After Cogwell, it’s slow and steady climb up up and up. The long stretches yield to switchbacks. Here’s the top of the switchbacks.


We usually flip it at this sign


But, today, we went the extra 2 miles. it was a noticeable climb to get to the Cafe and Campground



and this tree isn’t last too long…


Strava Details:

Crystal Lake Ride. All the way to the Cafe.  Strava Ride - Mozilla Firefox 3232014 31957 PM

Here’s what it looks like at the Cafe. Say ‘hi’ Luis.


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