Epic drama and the stoical cyclist

Fun read below. I may be guilty of overuse of ‘epic’. However, in retrospect my rides are epic to me. I’m not a pro cyclist, and never will be. But, I never thought I’d be doing Mulholland Challenge or Breathless Agony either, both of which are Epic in their own right. Joe.


Cycling is traditionally a sport for the stoical. Back in the days when men were men and cycling kit was woollen, if you wanted glory, attention, or even a small pat on the back, you were well advised to pick a different way to spend your weekends.

But times have changed. Thankfully it’s no longer seen as a sign of weakness to be nice to someone and with this softening has come a flair for the dramatic that can be summed up in one word…epic.

There was a time when if a cyclist talked about an epic day on the bike, you would expect to hear a story of such desperation, suffering and soul searching that it’s scarcely believable they lived to tell the tale.

In the 1956 Giro d’Italia, home rider Fiorenzo Magni fell on stage 12 and broke his collar bone. Refusing to abandon the race but unable to pull on the…

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