Morning Run & Swim


Run. 3.4 miles, 35:37 time.

Morning Run around the Rose Bowl. Kinda sucked. Legs felt heavy and slow.

Short quick swim at Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. I added the swim cuz it was such a beautiful morning. I added it cuz my run really sucked. I added the swim, cuz I was taking a shower at the locker room anyway. I added the swim cuz I wanted to try out my new goggles and make sure they didn’t leak. They kinda leaked, so I’ll try swapping the nose bridge piece, for the smaller one.



Barry in left lane.



New goggles.



Rose Bowl Loop. gasp.  Run  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 5282014 85157 AM Quick Swim. Try out new goggles.  Swim  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 5282014 85450 AM

2 thoughts on “Morning Run & Swim

    1. Hi 2cups! Thanks for reading. Garmin has some great swim watches. I love my 910xt. while in swim mode, the accelerometer knows how many strokes i take. i knows when i switch directions and counts lengths for me. it’s cool.

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