Morning Swim

Lap Swim at Rose Bowl Aquatic Center.

2,000 yds, 41:45 moving time

RBAC is hosting the Pan Pacific Para-Swimming Championships next week. The place is got their banners up.

There’s 2 pools at RBAC, I swam in the short lanes in the dive pool, which is warmer than the competition pool. The pool was definitely warm today. Felt good to swim. I shared a lane with a lady, for part of my swim. Then, she left and then I had the lane all to myself. I could do backstroke a little and wander all over the freakin’ lane.

IMG_8307 IMG_8306 IMG_8305 IMG_8304 IMG_8303Lap Swim. Rose Bowl Aquatic Center.  Swim  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 7282014 83928 AM

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