Wednesday Run. Negative Splits.

6.0 miles, 58:59 moving time. 9:49 average pace.

I met 5 PTC morning friends. Steve, Lynda, Bruce, Nicole, and Nicole.

Zero Dark Thrity. That’s my term for ‘gosh, it’s dark in the mornings now.’

Steve, Lynda and I ran our regular loop. I wasn’t feeling it at the start. Cold or allergies or bad sleep last night. Regardless, we did the hard first half in 30minutes, so that was pretty good. There was an urban chicken running around the parking lot at Jack in the Box, mile 3. The sun came out and it was bright one. My legs woke up and I pushed the last couple miles hard, and got negatives splits all the way back to the Rose Bowl. NicoleL brought special post-run snacks.

IMG_0457 IMG_0459

IMG_0460 IMG_0461 Wednesday Morning Run. Negative splits!  Run  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 1012014 33453 PM

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