Garmin FR920XT

DC Rainmaker reviewed the new features on the Garmin FR920XT.
The list of new features is impressive. The connectivity to your phone is cool. You can get notifications on your watch. You can live track back to homestead. It grabs all the run features from the latest Garmin 620, and all the latest bike features from the Garmin Edge 1000. The color screen is nice. The regular watch mode for activity tracking. 40 hour battery life. It’s smaller than the 910XT. Awesome.

I love my 910XT right now. So, I’m not sure when I will upgrade to the 920xT. For now the 910xt works great for swim, bike, and runs. It connects automatically to the Internet and uploads to Garmin Connect, which I sync with Strava.

DC Rainmaker has awesome product reviews. I don’t think I would know even half the functions on my Garmin without his reviews. My PTC friends teach me stuff too, like Alvin told me you can double tap the screen to get the back light to activate!

I want a red and white one. I gave up on anything black. It disappears when I drop it in my car interior. My friends that have the new 920xt Love it.


3 thoughts on “Garmin FR920XT

  1. Wow… I went to the DC Rainmaker site for the “preview” and it was crazy extensive. I can’t imagine how in-depth his full reviews are.
    I found it for pre-order on REI’s website, and members end up with 10% back (off the $450 retail), so the net is $405. Also, if you spend $100 by Oct 10, you get a $20 cash back coupon from REI, so it would then be $385 (altho taxed on $450?).
    Have you seen any better pricing? (text me if you have)
    Also… the red/white is pretty cool for training, but if wearing as a watch all day, it could be a bit garish.
    Thanks, Joe!!

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