Entering the Power Age. PowerTap G3

I bought an upcycled wheel with PowerTap G3 from my friend Rich Strauss, who’s a coach at Endurance Nation. He cleaned it up and freshened up the wheel which was built by another friend Rich Swaris at Wheelbuilder. This is the next step down the cycling rabbit hole. Power. Watts. Training. Effort driven. It talks to my Garmin 910XT (still haven’t bought the 920xt yet).  I had been eye-ing a power tap for a couple years. I get power data during the Computrainer night’s at Lynda’s, but I haven’t had the power data on my bike. This was on my wish list for a couple years. So, when Rich posted his used PowerTap, I jumped at it. $500 instead of digits. Perfect match for me. And both guys are so dependable, if there’s any issues, they can help me out down the road, both figuratively and literally. Now, I can ride on my bike with Power! I can bike according to the training plan now.

Now, I need to swap my cassette on there and get it on my bike!


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