iPhone 6 Plus

My gold one is on order. I might get it by Thanksgiving, maybe.

I love my current iPhone 5. I use it to take pictures, video, and send emails. I check Facebook, and blog stats. I watch YouTube videos. I actually don’t talk on the phone that much. I text and email more. I hesitated that the Plus is too big. But, bigger is better, right? We’ll see. Why get the smaller one, when there’s a bigger one. I played with the new one at he Apple store. It’s beautiful. It’s sleek and lovely and powerful. Yeah. I’m an Apple design lover. Did I mention I got a couple of friends of mine jobs at Apple. I had an offer to interview there too, but we’re not open to relocating up to Normal.

Whenever I do get my new phone, my daughter will upgrade to my iPhone 5. I hope she’s happy with it. Teen, tech, and family are a whole other blog post.

I asked by early adopter tech friends and they oo’ed and ahh’ed over the iPhone 6 Plus, so there it is. You hear what you wanna hear sometimes. Now, I’m just waiting. I’m thinking about the amazing stuff that phones do now. It’s crazy. Crazy fun.






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