Strava: Year End Training Stats

I love It’s a beautiful minimalist graphic display of tons of data. I particularly like the Training Calendar. Strava sent a personalized video with year end summaries; you don’t have to do the km conversions, i posted them below.

Comparing 2013 v. 2014:

340 hrs v. 335 hrs. 2013 win, by a hair.

2,981.4 miles v. 2,804 miles. 2013 win.I’m actually surprised about the 2013 mile win. I thought for sure I rode more miles this year than last. The main difference was my reduced riding in Feb 2014.

362 v. 560 personal records. 2014 win. That felt good.

311 v. 327 activities. 2014 win. This is a bit arbitrary and a reason why I don’t keep small files, such as warmups and cool downs. Fake activities. These are all Garmin data. Manual data doesn’t show up all the time in the totals.

Cycling annual summary

Distance 2,232.2 mi
Time 172h 30m
Elev Gain 156,699 ft
Rides 98

Running annual summary

Estimated Best Efforts
1k 4:26
1 mile 7:42
5k 20:27
10k 53:23
Half-Marathon 2:03:34
Distance 509.9 mi
Time 95h 22m
Elev Gain 26,959 ft
Runs 125

I like the Trophy case. It’s silly that I’m proud of a digital award that I signed up for. How crazy is that?

I like the iPhone app too. It has weekly goals and trackers. That’s pretty nice.

Chrome Legacy Window 12292014 94813 PM

Chrome Legacy Window 12292014 94219 PMChrome Legacy Window 12292014 94217 PM  Chrome Legacy Window 12292014 94339 PM

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